• Started out on the pots and pans at a very young age

  • Studied classical violin for 6 years

  • As a teenager got into electric bass. Led Zeppelin's "Lemon Song" was a big influence

  • Got into the Jazz-Rock fusion music groups such as RTF, Mahavishnu Orchestra, JLP, etc

  • Recorded and toured on bass with Greek Rock-Fusion guitarist Foko in 1990's on Sony-Microtone

  • Played bass in former Boston based Columbia Records artist Digney Fignus's band from1989-1990

  • Began study on guitar in 2005, influenced by a couple of 1980's Miles Davis records featuring Mike Stern

  • Composed for and recorded Jazz-Rock-Fusion album Essential Hazard  in 2011 on EES records

  • Co-produced (w/ Jacques Pardo) and recorded Atlas Soul's 2013 IMA vox populi winning World Music EP "Gypsy Wind" in 2013 

  • Produced and composed music for Atlas Soul's 2013 IMA vox populi winning Funk-Fusion song "This Won't Take Long" in 2013, with lyrics written by the poet Regie Gibson





About Perry




The music that I really dig is influenced by funk, prog-rock, classical, mediteranian-folk, Latin, Greek, Jazz... a fusion of styles.

Improvisation is the most satisfying thing to do for me musically, once the musical framework is in place.  


As a guitarist I've been influenced mostly by Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Wah-Wah Watson, Mike Stern (Miles Davis Era), John McLaughlin, Greek Bouzouki music, Afro-Cuban rythyms, North African music, Indian music...


For the most part I'm self taught on the guitar and bass. Studying violin for several years as a kid helped develop my ears. I read chord charts and musical notation when necessary but prefer and seem to rely on my ears mainly. Studied jazz guitar for two years. I learned some valuable and useful stuff during that time. There are many good books out there to learn from as well. It's a lifelong pursuit, which i have not even sratched the surface of.



  • Studied Electrical Engineering formally at Northeastern University in Boston and recieved a BSEE. Some coursework towards MSEE.

  • Completed the MIT Acoustics course pioneered by Dr. Bose, as well as the Hearing and Listening course taught at The Bose Institute. 

  • Fields of expertise and experience are Audio Engineering, Analog Circuit & Filter Design, Low Noise Electronics Design, Classical Feedback Control Systems, Acoustics, Active Acoustic Noise Reduction, DC Motor Control, Switching Power Converters.


Engineering has the same opportunity for creativity and self-expression as music. That's what is great about it to me. It's fun to love doing more than just one thing, two things is the minimal best i think. Because when you kind of get tired of one thing you can switch over to the other thing you love for a while, like a swing or pendulum. Like what i do with Music and Engineering.