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Erudite Effects Recording Studio


Erudite Effects is a project studio located in the Metro-West area outside of Boston, Ma. All of the essential Equipment is contained, as well as a highly technically skilled, open minded, sensitive engineer running the studio (Me!) . If you are looking for an audio production from recording through mastering, equalization, editing, audio restoration services, or simply want to record some tracks and go and mix & master them elsewhere, we may be able to help. Call Perry to discuss...

Recording System Hardware & Monitoring:

  • M-Audio Delta 1010 24bit/96khz  A/D converter rack units (2)

  • Cymatic Audio LR-16 24 bit/44.1 - 96 kHz 16 Track Recorder

  • Cakewalk Sonar Pro multitrack DAW recording software

  • Mackie HR624 studio reference monitors

  • Roland RSM-90 studio reference monitors

  • Audix PH-3 monitors

  • David Hafler DH-500 mosfet amplifier

  • ART SLA-1 amplifier

  • HP Elite 8200 i7 3.8Ghz Quadcore 16G RAM 2Terabyte HD


  • sE R1 ribbon (1)

  • sE 1A small diaghram condenser (2)

  • sE 5 small diaghram condenser (2)

  • Rhode NT1A large diaghram condenser (1)

  • AKG C418 small diaghram condenser (1)

  • AKG D112 dynamic (1)

  • AKG D1000E dynamic (2)

  • AKG D120 dynamic (1)

  • Audio Technica AT-3031 small diaghram condenser (1)

  • Audio Technica AT-822 stereo XY condenser (1) 

  • Electro-Voice ND-868 dynamic (1)

  • Electro-Voice Cardinal condenser (1)

  • Audix F10 dynamic (1)

  • CAD GXL-1200 small diaghram condenser (2)

  • Shure BG 5.1 condenser vocal (2)

  • Teledyne MK-080 condenser (1)



Amps & Instruments:

  • Yamaha Stage Custom 5 piece drum kit

  • Marshall 50W Plexi 1972

  • Carvin Clubmaster 100W Tube Guitar amp

  • Fender Champ 25SE 1992 (w/ drive channel mod)

  • Line 6 75W modeling amp

  • Vox valvetronix 40W modeling amp

  • Hughes & Kettner 30W amp

  • Ashdown 200W Bass amp

  • Gallien-Kruger 300W Bass amp

  • SWR 550X 500W Bass amp

  • 10" & 11" Congas, other hand percussion

CD Recordings Produced to date at Erudite Effects Studio:

"Gypsy Wind"
      Atlas Soul

 (World Funk/Fusion)

This EP recording recieved the 2013 Independent Music Awards Vox Populi vote for best EP in the World Music category.


The track "This Won't Take Long" won the best funk/fusion/jam song IMA Vox Populi vote for 2013. This song was composed by Perry Bakalos (music, arr.) and Regie Gibson (lyrics/vocals). 


Produced and mixed by Perry Bakalos and Jaques Pardo.

​Mastered by Graham Tobias at Mediastructura Productions.


Anwar Maghreb: Vocals
Regie Gibson: Vocals
Jacques Pardo : Tenor Sax, Banjo
Perry Bakalos: Guitar
Jon Simmons: Trombone
Nadjim Kebir: Drums
Tim Paul Weiner: Bass
Dave Buda : Bass on This Won’t Take Long"
Dave Fox: Drum on "This Won't Take Long"

"Essential Hazard"

  Essential Hazard


Jazz-Rock-Fusion category


Released 08 February 2013

Pericles Bakalos - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Effects

Brian Koning - Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Effects

Patrick Christman - Bass, Effects

Nadjim Kebir - Drumming, percussion


Produced by Perry Bakalos & Brian Koning

Recorded at Erudite Effects Studios, Maynard Ma. 2011

Engineer: Perry Bakalos

Mixing: Perry Bakalos & Brian Koning

Mastering: The Soundlab, Pennsauken, New Jersey


John Hanifin Band


Released December 2016

Produced by John Hanifin & Robert L. Smith (Defy recordings NYC)


Acoustic Drums Recorded at Erudite Effects Studios, Maynard Ma.


Drum Recording Engineer: Perry Bakalos


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